This project is and will be completely run on donations from others.  We greatly appreciate the love and support that we have been shown by our friends and family and welcome support from anyone who would like to be a part of this project!

How you can help!

We are looking need:
  • Fabric - small scraps are preferred, at least 3x5 inches, but not more than 5x7 inches. larger pieces will be cut down. Basically we will accept anything that can fit in a normal envelope, though if you would like to send more, that is perfectly fine too! At this time, however, we ask that all fabric be machine washable.
  • Thread - since this is a quilt, a lot of sewing thread will be required. Any color is fine!
  • Sewing Needles - the pieces of the quilt will be sewn together by hand, first into small section, and then into larger ones as the Tree takes shape. We will need small, straight, HAND SEWING needles. (small eye is fine, big eye quilting needles not necessary).
  • Storage Options - As we begin to accumulate larger amounts of fabric and materials, storage options would be a huge help. Large sized Photo/Video boxes with a space for a label in the front for organization would be very helpful as we will be dividing the fabrics by color and will also be storing the cards and letters that may come with the donations so that we can add them to the site and record who has sent what.

    Eventually we will also be in need of cotton batting to go inside the quilt between the layers and possibly some other things to help us keep things in order but as we get started on what may be a monumental process, we are just looking for the basics.

    If you would like to donate any items, or funds to help us purchase items,
    please send an email to Yggdrasil at Accidental Squirrel to find out how.

    *Please note that at this time we do not have a PO box address to send materials to. We hope this will change in the near future, but for safety reasons, we will not be posting our home address online.